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New article Van Rossem in Language Typology and Universals

In May 2011 I presented my paper Using a digital corpus for the study of the earliest stages of Negerhollands at Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documents, organized by Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus and Otto Zwartjes (University of Amsterdam). Today the article is published in Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung/Language Typology and Universals (Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Stolz, De Gruyter).

Abstract from

“In this article I show three methods to use the Negerhollands computer corpus for a better understanding of the eighteenth century variety of Negerhollands. The first one is the study of metalinguistic comments which are taken up in several manuscripts. The second method is stemma/variety research between and within texts with the same content. The third method to study the do’s and doubts of the first translators in order to present the right variety of the language is the analysis of annotations, changes and erasures of the writers. This philological approach was common in Medieval studies, for instance, but is hardly used with respect to Creole languages.

Keywords: Virgin Islands; 18th century Negerhollands; Creole language; corpus based linguistic research; Gospel

Announcement: Program SCL/SPCL/ACBLPE Conference Aruba, August 5-8, 2014

The program of SCL/SPCL/ACBLPE Aruba is available here. Van Rossem’s paper about the use of alternatives in 18th century manuscripts is planned on Wednesday,  August 6th, 15.0o. Van Sluis will also present a paper, but this one  is not yet taken up in this programme.

New Gospel Harmony files in Clarin-NEHOL

Only the first 35 sections are available in all four manuscript versions. In order to make linguistic comparison easier new files were entered into our Clarin-NEHOL database. These parts of the manuscripts were already used in several articles, like Hinsken & Van Rossem (1996, about pronoun sender), Muysken & Van der Voort (1991) and Van der Voort & Muysken (1996, both about reflexives). The pdf-files can be found in the Clarin database (see right column), NEHOL, Negerhollands missionary data, resp. 3.2.1., 3.2.2.,,, and are coded as follows: 321_1_35, 322_1_35, 3231_1_35, 3232_1_35. Please mail us when extra information is needed.