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Gospel Harmony 1833 digitally available

The Creole  version of Lieberkühn’s Gospel Harmony is digitally available here. It was financed by The American Tract Society and was  printed in New York in 1833. The edition of 2000 copies was distributed among the Christianized slaves of the Moravian Brethren on the Danish Antilles. If all copies were distributed, one out of every four to five  above mentioned slaves owned a copy.

The first version was translated by Johann Böhner in or just before 1780 (coded 321). A second version, which had an interesting preface (322), was made only a short period after the first one. The third version (3231) was translated around 1790, probably by Johann Auerbach. About five years later a fourth version was made (3232). Just like 3231, this text is not complete. All manuscript versions can be consulted in the Clarin-NEHOL database.

The manuscripts are obviously written in the same tradition, but differ slightly. Manuscript 3231 seems influenced by the English translation of Lieberkühn’s Gospel Harmony. This can be due to the fact that English became the most important language in the Danish Antilles at that moment.

Manuscript 3232 and the printed version hardly differ. However, since 3232 is not complete, it cannot be the version which was used by the printer.


New Gospel Harmony files in Clarin-NEHOL

Only the first 35 sections are available in all four manuscript versions. In order to make linguistic comparison easier new files were entered into our Clarin-NEHOL database. These parts of the manuscripts were already used in several articles, like Hinsken & Van Rossem (1996, about pronoun sender), Muysken & Van der Voort (1991) and Van der Voort & Muysken (1996, both about reflexives). The pdf-files can be found in the Clarin database (see right column), NEHOL, Negerhollands missionary data, resp. 3.2.1., 3.2.2.,,, and are coded as follows: 321_1_35, 322_1_35, 3231_1_35, 3232_1_35. Please mail us when extra information is needed.