New Gospel Harmony files in Clarin-NEHOL

Only the first 35 sections are available in all four manuscript versions. In order to make linguistic comparison easier new files were entered into our Clarin-NEHOL database. These parts of the manuscripts were already used in several articles, like Hinsken & Van Rossem (1996, about pronoun sender), Muysken & Van der Voort (1991) and Van der Voort & Muysken (1996, both about reflexives). The pdf-files can be found in the Clarin database (see right column), NEHOL, Negerhollands missionary data, resp. 3.2.1., 3.2.2.,,, and are coded as follows: 321_1_35, 322_1_35, 3231_1_35, 3232_1_35. Please mail us when extra information is needed.

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