Bibliography VI Dutch Creole 2022

In Van Rossem & Van der Voort (1996: 279-317) we published the first version of the bibliography we composed and edited together. Since we found out that several older bibliographies and references appeared to contain mistakes or were incomplete Hein and I added comments for the help of the users.

When I returned to the field of Dutch Creole in 2010, I needed to update the bibliography for my own research. Several colleagues helped me to find new references and fortunately I also had the luck of finding new contemporary texts in or about Virgin Islands Dutch Creole

This file contains references to all known manuscripts, printed work published before 1945 and printed work published after 1945 related to Virgin Islands Dutch Creole. It also contains references to the most important historical works, biographies, unpublished handouts and other related work. It even includes texts of which we only have the most unclear references imaginable.

In some of the references we still have soms doubts. We try to update as often as possible.

Of course we might have missed something. If so, please let us know! We are not only interested in references, but also in the articles itself. We will appreciate it a lot if you send us a digital or paper versions of articles which are missing in our bibliography.

Cefas van Rossem

Meertens Institute (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


More information and downloads? See my profile on Researchgate and Academia

Most recent version, December 2022


One response to “Bibliography VI Dutch Creole 2022

  1. I have translated most of Magens’ grammar into 18th century’s German. But I am not sure about the title yet and when it will be ready to be published. I say it because of the synoptic edition you list. I looked it up because I was not sure if they are still working on it.

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