Cefas van Rossem

Radboud University Nijmegen, Linguistics, Languages in Contact (LinC)

Visiting address Erasmusplein 1 6525 HT Nijmegen, The Netherlands
 Mailing address Postbus 9103 6500 HD Nijmegen, The Netherlands



One response to “Contact

  1. At first I thought ah, another site taking a dig at Afrikaans as a creole or “brabbeltaal”. One of my recollections from kindergarten days was of a student/researcher asking if we knew the word for the woods elf or a goblin in Afrikaans. Nonplussed, (we were primarily English speakers 80/20 bilingual) he says “kabooter?” (archaic American English/Jersey Dutch origin) and it clicked – “kabouter” is the Afrikaans cognate.

    Google “Dawie die Kabouter” .. this will bring a smile to the faces of Afrikaans speakers of a certain age.

    I am researching family trees, I have a dutch ancestor who came from British West Indies or Curacao, around 1870.

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