Monthly Archives: February 2022

Two articles for wide audience

Recently I published two articles with regard to a wide audience about Virgin Islands Dutch Creole.

Rossem, Cefas van. 2021b. “Vijf snippers, Virgin Islands Dutch Creole als taal van de tot slaaf gemaakten’. In: Ex Tempore, 40, 3, p. 266-279. >EN: Five snippets, Virgin Islands Dutch Creole as the language of the enslaved.  >Short article for an audience of historians, containing five examples of manuscripts as an introduction to Virgin Islands Dutch Creole.

Rossem, Cefas van. 2022. “Van kaakel tot De Windt”. In: Marc van Oostendorp & Simone Wolff (eds) Het dialectendoeboek, de schatkamer van 90 jaar Meertens Instituut. Sterck & De Vreese. p. 131-136.

This one is a chapter in book for a wide audience about f.i. linguistic, onomastic and folklore sources which were and are made available by Meertens Institute to study for instance Dutch dialects. The chapter is about the use of online databases to study dialect and family names to study the origin of Dutch input in Virgin Islands Dutch Creole.