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Van Rossem about Word Order Change and Audience Design (ROLD, Amsterdam 2015)

On thursday June 11th, 2015 I have presented my paper ‘Numbers to change word order, Philogical aspects of Negerhollands texts to study audience design’ at the Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documentation meeting at the University of Amsterdam. The contents will be published in my dissertation. My PowerPoint can be found here.

ROLD 11 juni 2015 Numbers SHORT DEF

Van Sluijs about change or variation in historical data

In this article, which was already published in December 2014, Robbert van Sluijs focuses on the Virgin Island Dutch Creole imperfective and prospective aspect markers LE and LO. Does the distribution of these markers reflect language change between the eighteenth and twentieth century ? Or is it due to sociolinguistic variation?

Read the article here.

New article Van Rossem in Language Typology and Universals

In May 2011 I presented my paper Using a digital corpus for the study of the earliest stages of Negerhollands at Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documents, organized by Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus and Otto Zwartjes (University of Amsterdam). Today the article is published in Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung/Language Typology and Universals (Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Stolz, De Gruyter).

Abstract from degruyter.com:

“In this article I show three methods to use the Negerhollands computer corpus for a better understanding of the eighteenth century variety of Negerhollands. The first one is the study of metalinguistic comments which are taken up in several manuscripts. The second method is stemma/variety research between and within texts with the same content. The third method to study the do’s and doubts of the first translators in order to present the right variety of the language is the analysis of annotations, changes and erasures of the writers. This philological approach was common in Medieval studies, for instance, but is hardly used with respect to Creole languages.

Keywords: Virgin Islands; 18th century Negerhollands; Creole language; corpus based linguistic research; Gospel