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Announcement: Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documentation VI

Workshop VIth International Meeting
of the ACLC Research group
“Revitalising older linguistic documentation” (ROLD)

June 11th, 2015
Bungehuis, room 015, Spuistraat 210
1012 VT Amsterdam, The Netherland


You will find the programme here: programme_workshop_June 11th, 2015

Revitalising older linguistic documentation 2015

On June 11th 2015 the VIth meeting of the ACLC Research group “Revitalising older linguistic documentation” (ROLD) will be held at the University of Amsterdam. Participants are kindly asked to send the title of their presentation before April 1st 2015 to one of the organizers Otto Zwartjes ACLC, UvA: and Astrid Alexander, ACLC, UvA: (See: ROLD)


I hope to present my paper Numbers to indicate change of word order in Negerhollands manuscripts. In the eighteenth century Creole manuscripts of the Herrnhuter translators an interesting way of changing word order can be found about fifty times. See the example: volgorde2

The original sentence was

    1. Dan     a          see       Jesus    weer aan         na        sender:
    2. Then   PST     say       Jesus    again               NA      3PL
    3. ‘Then said Jesus again to them:’

According to the number placed above the words, the word order should be changed into:

    1. Dan     Jesus    a          see       weer aan         na        sender:
    2. Then   Jesus    a          say       again               NA      sender
    3. ‘Then Jesus said again to them:’

It is obvious which version was meant by the translator. Undoubtedly the subject of the sentence, should have been placed before the verb to change the original verb second order of Dutch and German into the SVO-order which is obligatory in most Atlantic Creoles, including Negerhollands. The paper, in which all fifty cases will be analysed, will be included in my PhD-research The Negerhollands Textual Heritage: Philological Perspectives on Authenticity and Audience Design.


Cefas van Rossem Languages in Contact, Radboud University Nijmegen

Wuk? West-Vlamsch ip de Moahdeneilanden?

Robbert van Sluijs talks on Belgian Radio 1 about West Flemish influence on Dutch Creole  In Dutch. Please listen to it here!

Introductory article on ‘Stemmen van Afrika’ (Voices of Africa website)

This morning, an introductory article on Negerhollands by Robbert van Sluijs was published (in Dutch) on the Dutch website Stemmen van Afrika (Voices of Africa). It is a popular scientific website devoted to showing you the languages of Africa in words, images, and sound.

Here is a direct link to the article.

Please have a look even if you don’t understand Dutch for the pictures and the two sound files  of the last speaker, Ms. Stevens (recordings by Robin Sabino).

Announcement: Praagse Perspectieven 9, Exotisch Nederlands

October 17th and 18th the Dutch Department of the Charles University in Prague organized the 9th edition of it’s Praagse Perspectieven congress. One of he two days was dedicated to Exotic Dutch. Next to a general introduction by Guy Janssens, an interesting perspective on Petjoh by Aone van Engelenhoven and a complete overview of the Dutch based language of the Mennonites by Tjeerd de Graaf, Cefas van Rossem presented a paper about the use of changes and mistakes in eighteenth century Negerhollands texts.

The conference volume is in Dutch with an introduction and the abstracts in Czech.

Hrncirova, Z., E. Krol, J. Pekelder and A. Gielen (eds). 2014. Praagse Perspectieven, Handelingen van het colloquium van de sectie Nederlands van de Karelsuniversiteit in Praag, op donderdag 17 en vrijdag 18 oktober 2013. Praag: Universitaire pers.

Van Rossem, Cefas. 2014. ‘Van de fouten kun je leren. Aanpassingen in achttiende-eeuwse Negerhollandse teksten’, in: Hrncirova, Z. et al. (eds). pp. 21-44.




New article Van Rossem in Language Typology and Universals

In May 2011 I presented my paper Using a digital corpus for the study of the earliest stages of Negerhollands at Revitalizing Older Linguistic Documents, organized by Astrid Alexander-Bakkerus and Otto Zwartjes (University of Amsterdam). Today the article is published in Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung/Language Typology and Universals (Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Stolz, De Gruyter).

Abstract from

“In this article I show three methods to use the Negerhollands computer corpus for a better understanding of the eighteenth century variety of Negerhollands. The first one is the study of metalinguistic comments which are taken up in several manuscripts. The second method is stemma/variety research between and within texts with the same content. The third method to study the do’s and doubts of the first translators in order to present the right variety of the language is the analysis of annotations, changes and erasures of the writers. This philological approach was common in Medieval studies, for instance, but is hardly used with respect to Creole languages.

Keywords: Virgin Islands; 18th century Negerhollands; Creole language; corpus based linguistic research; Gospel

Announcement: Program SCL/SPCL/ACBLPE Conference Aruba, August 5-8, 2014

The program of SCL/SPCL/ACBLPE Aruba is available here. Van Rossem’s paper about the use of alternatives in 18th century manuscripts is planned on Wednesday,  August 6th, 15.0o. Van Sluis will also present a paper, but this one  is not yet taken up in this programme.

Announcement: SCL/SPCL/ACBLPE Conference Aruba, August 5-8, 2014



The abstracts of both Robbert van Sluijs and Cefas van Rossem were accepted. Robbert will present a paper about grammatical aspects of Negerhollands verbs and Cefas will discuss if philological aspects of eighteenth century Negerhollands manuscripts present information about the contemporary audience design.

Announcement: Negerhollands in Nijmegen, March 14th 2014

Negerhollands in Nijmegen

Corpus Based Creolistics/Clarin-NEHOL

(Radboud University Nijmegen)

Date: Friday March 14th, 2014

Time: 14.00 u. – 17.00 u.

Place: Erasmus Building E.2.51


14.oo u. Prof.Dr. Peter Stein: The The linguistic landscape of the Danish V.I. in the 2nd half of the 18th century, an 18-month-experience described in Oldendorp’s “Missionsgeschichte”. or: How relevant is Oldendorp for present creolistics and linguistics

14.45 u. Robbert van Sluijs MA: The origin of perfect aspect in Negerhollands.

15.15 u. Tea

15.30 u. Drs. Cefas van Rossem: Deletion in 18th century Negerhollands.

16.00 u.  Prof. Dr. Pieter Muysken: Comparing 18th century Surinam and St Thomas

16.30 u. Discussion and concluding remarks

17.00 u. End


Out now: Ausgewählte Arbeiten der Kreolistik des 19. Jahrhunderts, Philipp Krämer (Hg.)

Recently Ausgewählte Arbeiten der Kreolistik des 19. Jahrhunderts, Selected Works form 19th Century Creolistics, Emilio Teza, Thomas Russell, Erik Pontoppidan, Adolpho Coelho appeared, edited by Philipp Krämer (Universität Potsdam).

In relation to Negerhollands, it contains both articles of Erik Pontoppidan (Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 1881 and Tilskueren 1887). The first one was originally published in German. The second one is translated into German by Philipp Krämer. 1)

Two articles accompany Pontoppidan’s material: Peter Stein ‘Dr. Med. Erik Pontoppidan und das Negerhollands’ (p. 109-121) and Magdalena von Sicard ‘Die kreolische Oralliteratur: eine Kultur des Winderstandes?’ (p. 123-142).

Kraemer 2014

1. An English translation of both of Pontoppidan’s articles is published by Sabino (2012: 209-232).