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Psalm-Boek 1774 and 1784

Today I found a scan of the 1774 PSALM-BŒK voor die NEGER-GEMEENTEN na S. THOMAS, S. CROIX en S. JEAN. Barby: 1774. 264 pp.  here. This book of hymns, translated from German into Negerhollands by the Moravian Brethren, can be compared to the 1765 book of hymns which is available as HERRN65a in our Clarin-NEHOL database and the work from 1784

Front page

The scanned work was once owned by Johanna Dorothea Schmidt from Friedensberg, St. Croix. This is interesting to note because of Auerbach’s remark about the use of Creole in St. Croix:

Na St Croex die hab meer van die Negers, die sender kan verstaan English,l as     na St Thomas en St Jan, maar doch, sender <¬English Praat> ka mingel ook altoeveel met die Creol- en Guinee-Taal. Da Neger-English die ben. (March 10, 1774)

“On St. Thomas there are more blacks who can understand English than in St. Thomas and St. John, but still their English speech is mixed very much with the Creole and Guinea languages. It is Negro-English.’ (Van Rossem & Van der Voort 1996: 9)

Also available on the Internet is Psalm-boek voor die tot die Evangelische broeder-Kerk behoorende neger-gemeenten na S. Croix, S. Thomas en S. Jan. Barby: 1784. 322, [46] pp. It can be found here. It is also translated into Creole by the Moravian Brethren and, as can be read in its preface, it can be compared to the above mentioned Psalm-Boek from 1774.

Psalm-boek 1784




Announcement: Praagse Perspectieven 9, Exotisch Nederlands

October 17th and 18th the Dutch Department of the Charles University in Prague organized the 9th edition of it’s Praagse Perspectieven congress. One of he two days was dedicated to Exotic Dutch. Next to a general introduction by Guy Janssens, an interesting perspective on Petjoh by Aone van Engelenhoven and a complete overview of the Dutch based language of the Mennonites by Tjeerd de Graaf, Cefas van Rossem presented a paper about the use of changes and mistakes in eighteenth century Negerhollands texts.

The conference volume is in Dutch with an introduction and the abstracts in Czech.

Hrncirova, Z., E. Krol, J. Pekelder and A. Gielen (eds). 2014. Praagse Perspectieven, Handelingen van het colloquium van de sectie Nederlands van de Karelsuniversiteit in Praag, op donderdag 17 en vrijdag 18 oktober 2013. Praag: Universitaire pers.

Van Rossem, Cefas. 2014. ‘Van de fouten kun je leren. Aanpassingen in achttiende-eeuwse Negerhollandse teksten’, in: Hrncirova, Z. et al. (eds). pp. 21-44.