Old hymn in recent concert!

Just like last year tenor Gylchris Sprauve, who is one of the initiators of the project to bring Virgin Islands Dutch Creole to live for todays community of the US Virgin Islands, sang one of the oldest hymns in Virgin Islands Dutch Creole. Even more interesting: the hymnbook in which this song was written contains the oldest Creole hymns we know.

Last year, Gylchris Sprauve performed in a Thanksgiving concert Noe allmaal Volk dank God from the 1774 hymnbook by the Moravian Brethren. This year it was Loof God Jend’r Christen allmaal Glik from the same hymnal.

Loof God, jend’r Christen allmaal glik, – Praise God, you (PL) Christian all equal

Nabov si hoogste Troon – On his highest Throne

Di ka open si hemelrik – It has opened his heavenly kingdom

En ka gie ons si SOON! – And has given us his Son!

The complete text can be found here on page 36-37.

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