Skepi Dutch: sensational source found by Jacobs and Parkvall

No, it is not about Virgin Islands Dutch Creole, but about one of the two other Dutch related Creole Languages in the Caribbean. In 1989 Ian Robertson of University of the West Indies, Trinidad, compared the Swadesh lists of Virgin Islands Dutch Creole, Berbice Dutch and Skepi Dutch and suggested that the least known of the three, Skepi Dutch looked more like Virgin Islands Dutch Creole than to Berbice Dutch which existed along the Berbice river and Wiruni Creek, quite next to the Essequibo river where Skepi was once the contact language.

In Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 35 (2020), 2, p.360-380 Bart Jacobs and Mikael Parkvall present a formerly unknown source of the mysterious Skepi Dutch language which doubles the vocabulary of Skepi Dutch and which adds about 120 sentences to the corpus.

On I wrote an introduction to this important article. It is in Dutch, and you can find it here:

An English translation will be published soon.

4 responses to “Skepi Dutch: sensational source found by Jacobs and Parkvall

  1. I made a word for word translation of one of the sentences to the Danish version of Negerhollands. In the German version it would even be more similar. All words are attested.

    Em ne ben you em ben ander domine de swarte domine bi de Fort.
    Hem no bin Ju, hem bin ander Dominie, die swarte Dominie bie die Fort.

    • This looks great! Have you seen Robertson 1989 with the comparison of the Dutch Creole languages? Parkvall and Jacobs are preparing a new one.
      Moeshi Groetnis,

      • I did not see your reply until now. Today I found this usage of ‘swarte’ in one of the letter from Marotta to the Danish queen. I know Robertson’s study, but I did not know about the new one. I will probably read it.
        Mie gruet Ju ookal.

  2. Now I made the other one as well. I was not able to find ‘swarte’ so quick, but we have ‘swart’ and ‘groote’. Also I don’t know if it would have been used with people.

    Em no ben joe, em ben ander Domine, die swarte Domine bi die Fort.

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